In-Store Audio & Video Solutions

Specialising in bespoke audio branding and entertaining your customers!

ABOUT: Richardson Events offers In-Store radio, background music & video, messaging, and digital signage solutions for all types of businesses. We supply and support Dension Internet enabled media systems and content management software, utilising the Dension range of audio / video products which will take care of all your establishment needs. Music content can be tailored to suit the desired theme or brand of your establishment. All content is chosen by you!

BACKGROUND MUSIC:Create the Perfect Vibe for your business. Manage your own music, audio content, messaging, and day parted schedules. Richardson Events & Advertising offer fully managed content, automated BGM, and audio messaging solutions.

VIDEO:Capture Their Attention. Music videos, HD atmospherics, Video advertisements, logos, and corporate branding. The Dension MPX-1 media player delivers video content with accompanying audio in conjunction with your music program so the two don’t compete for air time. Its a fully automated system with all content configured to be time specific. You play what you want, when you want, and all totally 'hands free'.

LEASING: Leasing of professional grade equipment. Richardson Events has the ability to lease equipment for events, functions, and public performances. It may be that additional audio / video equipment is required at a venue, no matter how big or small we will deliver, set up, and test prior to the event. A technical evaluation will be conducted prior to equipment supply to ensure correct specifications are used and quality is not compromised in any way.

SYSTEMS: We have Sound systems, lighting units, smoke machines, stage units, audio / visual systems, projectors, large walled monitors, etc. All items will be compatible with the venue size and location. All equipment supplied is of professional standard. The list of equipment is endless so leave it up to our technical team to provide you with all you need.

Our Solutions

The Dension ISR-1

In-Store Radio & background music deployment. A very compact sized audio over IP decoder device with audio line out for external PA systems. Capable of live streaming or store, and forward modes.

Major attributes:

  • Ethernet connection to Internet (10/100)
  • Streaming Internet Radios and specific audio MP3 streams
  • Stereo Line Out RCA output for amplification
  • Internal USB storage 8-64 GB for backup & offline content
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Device configuration at installation from a USB device, there after efficient web-based remote maintenance and operation via Sherpa
  • Tamper proof devices as there are no external buttons or controls on the device
  • Your own company logo design is available on the device case

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The Dension MPX-1

Full audio and video capability. Linux-based Digital Signage player to play static audio and video content. Comes with HDMI output and Wifi.

Major attributes:

  • 2-in-1 solution: Digital Signage Player and In-store Audio Player in one single box
  • Displays full HD resolution (1080p) video
  • Handling videos, still images, and music content at the same time
  • Support for MP3 & ACC+ Streams
  • HTML Capable - Content of basic web pages can be displayed
  • Advanced music, video & audio spot management with categories and day parting
  • Streaming Audio with backup offline storage
  • Still Image formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Increased internal memory to 8GB
  • Advanced I/O handling through USB port
  • ARM11/720 MHz CPU
  • 256MB RAM
  • Connectivity: Integrated WiFi, Ethernet
  • Ports - HDMI out, RCA audio out, USB, & Ethernet

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Dension Sherpa

Content management & system control software.

What is Dension Sherpa?

The Dension Sherpa Service is an online User Interface which enables the user to control all of their belonging ISR or MPX devices. Technically it is a web based server where all the Dension devices communicate and report to. We call the communication heartbeats......A heartbeat is technically a HTTP 'get and post' conversation between the server and the Dension device.

What are the benefits?

  • Save on operational costs because you need minimal effort and resources to maintain and operate your Dension ISR and/or MPX networks.
  • Save on time, because the usage of the Sherpa Service is very easy and quick.
  • Save on human resources, because one person could be enough to operate your network of devices and editing the content as well.
  • Know what your players have played, because Sherpa records and exports your played content including streams, tracks and spots.
  • Locate and analyze any device if you encounter problems, monitor system status and review detailed functional logs.
  • Use the Dension server to store all your audio & video content and deploy from your library as required.

What can you do?

  • You can have an overview of all of your network from any location.
  • You can view logs and played content.
  • You can update your Firmware to all your devices.
  • You can edit the configuration of 1-2-3-4-5............100 plus devices just by one click from anywhere you are.
  • You can upload content and schedule the music categories.
  • It supports management of up to 99 groups and endless devices.
  • You can schedule the tasks and follow their progression.
  • You can day-part specific content to play anytime and anywhere on your network.
  • You can see if the device is offline.

A free Sherpa license is provided with each Dension ISR or MPX device purchase! (Note: This is subject to Dension Inc internal policy and Dension Inc reserve the right to change such internal policy at any time) Support - Review the customer frequently asked questions and more at: Denison Support or Email: